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Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover

Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover
Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover
Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover

Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover   Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover
Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover. Expertise and strong, Valeo is able to provide a wide range of premium quality alternators to the Aftermarket. Valeo latest generations of alternators are developed with high quality components improving life-time, reliability, comfort and efficiency. More than 900 references are available, including the most recent technologies fitted as O.

Valeo is able to remanufacture all technologies available on the market. Valeo's perfect knowledge of O. Specifications enables a perfect and mastered assembly.

The role of the alternator is to provide continual charge to the battery whilst engine is running. This supply of power prevents the battery from discharge, and provides the requested power to the car's electrical devices. The alternator is connected and powered by the crankshaft through a drive belt. When the engine is running, the drive belt rotates the alternator, which converts the kinetic energy into electrical current.

The general principle is to transform the movement initiated by the flywheel into electricity. The reliability, the safety and the best quality of new products are driven by constant innovation and strong testing criteria. Thanks to its strong O. Presence, Valeo is able to provide alternators for the latest car applications in a short time to market, like for Audi A6, Mercedes C Class, Renault Clio IV and Volkswagen Golf VII. The new units range consists of the finest possible products thanks to Valeo O.

Current and voltage measurement, electrical load and cycling tests are run for up to 1,000 hours In addition, the machines are submitted to extreme conditions tests such as salt spray, thermal shocks and vibrations until destruction to meets the highest requirements. Valeo is driving innovation with over a hundred years experience in rotating machines, from the 1912's Dynastar to the 2013's micro hybrid solution i-StARS. Valeo answers all markets needs and technological evolution, demonstrating a strong historical leadership in O. Single phase alternator, water cool based technology to latest generation of alternators requiring efficiency and comfort, like EG alternator. Valeo leads the way towards the best alternators technologies: continuous power and efficiency improvement within a compact design.

The EG (« Efficient Generation ») alternator uses specific modules which are 10 points more efficient than conventional diodes and thus constitutes breakthrough technology. Many car makers are covered by this technology as Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes. The specific remanufacturing process for alternator allows Valeo to deliver best in class product sin terms of quality Once an alternator is collected as core in the market, the part is sent to a specific production unit to follow the different steps of the remanufacturing process. All parts are disassembled and all components are washed, except the rotor which is steel-brushed.

Bearings are systematically replaced by new parts. The rotor is electrically tested and painted to prevent corrosion. After being washed, the stator is fully steel brushed to eliminate traces of corrosion then painted.

The interior diameter is calibrated with great precision and tips of the phases are tinned and electrically tested. Pulleys are controlled, painted and chromed, free-wheel pulleys are replaced systematically. Regulators are washed, dried and sand blasted. The brushes and springs are replaced.

The diodes of the rectifier bridge are individually tested and replaced if required. Before final painting, all renovated components are reassembled and each complete product is controlled on a dedicated test bench (Speed and temperature measurements, over tension conditions or destruction tests).

Standards are scrupulously respected during the whole process and O. Test benches and measurements tools are used to validate the parts throughout over 40 checkpoints. Once assembled, 100% of the parts are re-tested under, before being labelled and packaged.

All Valeo remanufactured alternators are 100% asbestos free. JAGUAR 02T4A31055, JAGUAR 2T4A31055, JAGUAR JPLA-11A213-AB, JAGUAR JPLA11A213AB, JAGUAR JPLA-11A213-AC, JAGUAR JPLA11A213AC, LAND ROVER LR101810.

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  1. UPC: 3276424433190
  2. EAN: 3276424433190
  3. Brand: Valeo
  4. Classic Part: No
  5. Country/Region of Manufacture: France
  6. Features: Clockwise Rotation
  7. Grade: Premium
  8. Manufacturer Part Number: 443319
  9. Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  10. Performance Part: No
  11. Reference OE/OEM Number: JAGUAR 02T4A31055, JAGUAR 2T4A31055
  12. Type: Alternator
  13. Universal Fitment: No

Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover   Valeo Alternator 443319 Automotive Part For Land Rover